We make sharing media easy and fast. We also do some fancy tricks like converting GIFs to HTML5 video so that they load even faster:

Before MediaCrush

GIF demo

Filesize: 1965 kB (~2.0 MB)

1600% faster
Try it yourself!

After MediaCrush

Filesize: 118 kB (~0.118 MB)

Have you ever been able to pause a GIF before? You can with MediaCrush!

Is it free?

Yes, always and forever. We will never charge for our services, you'll be able to host your media easily and in high quality on MediaCrush until the end of time. Plus, we're free as in freedom, too. MediaCrush is totally open source, under the MIT license. You're welcome to run your own version of MediaCrush or contribute new ideas to ours.

How do you feel about privacy?

Very serious. More so than a lot of people. We take lots of steps to ensure you're protected - note that you're reading this over HTTPS, for one. We never ever store anything about you when you use our service. We also respect your Do Not Track settings. You can donate anonymously to our efforts with bitcoin, and we don't show any ads with nasty tracking code. Also, if you're wondering what we're up to, we publish detailed reports on what we're doing every month.

How does it work?

Warning: technical jargon ahead. When you upload a file to MediaCrush, it enters our "processing pipeline". We use a bunch of great open-source tools to work our magic. The job is queued up with Celery and any of our spare processing servers can pick it up and get to work. We detect what the file is with tools like ffprobe and ImageMagick, and send it off to the appropriate processing tools. Videos (and GIFs) are processed with ffmpeg, and so is audio. We have a few specific tools for images, but most just go through ImageMagick and get converted into something we can display in your web browser. You can check it all out at our GitHub repository, and even help improve it!

How do I keep in touch?

We announce new features and respond to user feedback from our Twitter account, and write about them on our blog. You can also get in touch through /r/mediacrush, or email us. Developers are invited to join us on our IRC channel, #mediacrush on irc.freenode.net.

Have you got any apps?

Yes, of course! We want to make it as easy as possible to use MediaCrush. Check out our apps page to see what we've got. There's a Windows app, a mobile site, browser plugins, and a bash script, plus anything else we might have added since this text here was written. You can also check out our API and work on your own! Let us know if you've done one and we'll promote it on our apps page.

What's the upload limit?

A very generous 50 MB! Upload as much as you like!

Can I hotlink to MediaCrush?

What use is media hosting if you can't share your files with it? You can hotlink to our images, but you might have a problem hotlinking to GIFs, video, or music, due to technical limitations. Never fear, though: we have prepared a iframe-based solution that gives you some HTML to paste into your blog or website or whatever. Just click "embed" on the page you want to embed and you'll get the code. Programmers may also want to browse our developer documentation. If you want to direct link in Reddit, though, don't worry about it - MediaCrush is RES-compatible and it'll work out anyway.

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